ISA keeps on organizing events for students aspiring to study abroad. The event aims at bridging the gap between the abroad universities and students. Every University representative gets the chance to interact with the students and their respective families and encourage them for higher studies in the provided fields. On the other hand, every candidate gets the opportunity to get the program specific information directly from the University. These events not only serve as an eye-opener for the aspiring students but also help them to make the right decision.

Our events provide necessary information for the students that help them to choose the right University. It also provides an insight into life in the specific country and city where they aspire to live during their study. They can get all the details about the city, what to do next when land, food, hostels / accommodation and what to pack. We give a step by step guidance towards their career to enhance the confidence and feel comfortable.

We have following scheduled for the events:

  1. Education Fair
  2. University Visits
  3. Pre-Departure Sessions
  4. Post- Departure
  5. Meet Alumnis on board

Our services doesn't stop just here, we also guide the student until they are properly settled in their respective accommodation and university. After the completion of programs, we also encourage the student to join our alumni network and share their wonderful experiences with the new faces.


  • Strathclyde University, UK, On Spot admissions – 28th April 2016, Timings from 2 to 5 pm
  • NCI, Ireland, On Spot admissions – 29th April 2016, Timings from 3 to 5 pm
  • Griffith College, Ireland, On Spot admissions – 6th May 2016, Timings from 5 to 6.30 pm